Heroes of Šiauliai


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This book, intended for young readers, tells about exceptional personalities related to Šiauliai – historical figures, writers, freedom fighters, rebels, city builders, inventors, artists and those who inspired others with their works and bold ideas. These are personalities who have lived in different historical periods, quite a few of them our contemporaries. We called them the heroes of Šiauliai. In order to build a closer relationship with the reader, we call many of them names. However, there are some characters in the story called surnames – recognizable and already riddled with legends. True, only a small part of the heroes of Šiauliai fit into this booklet. And how many of them remain unmentioned! We hope to continue our story about the heroes of Šiauliai in the future, who will not only reveal the extraordinary history of the city, but also inspire readers to look for heroism in themselves.

The publication was supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Šiauliai City Municipality


Vilija Ulinskytė-Balzienė, Sigita Kupscytė, Žygimantas Ruškys

The texts were prepared by

Sigita Kupscytė

Language editor

Danguole Valanche


Reda Toming


Rūta Ivaškevičiūtė


Šiaulių „Aušros" muziejus

Printed by

JSC "Petro offsetas"

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