Gerardas Bagdonavičius. Tapyba/Grafika/Dizainas/Fotografija | Aušros muziejaus e-parduotuvė

Gerardas Bagdonavičius. Painting/Graphics/Design/Photography

Compilers: Augenija Jovaišaitė, Odeta Stripinienė, Virginija Šiukščienė. Publisher – Šiauliai "Aušra" Museum Publishing House, 2011. With digital media.


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Gerardas Bagdonavičius (1901-1986) was the most well-known artist in Šiauliai, the only professional artist in the city for a decade after the Second World War, and at that time known to almost all the inhabitants of Šiauliai, known to all, and seen everywhere. Standing at the origins of national art, he was a unique, versatile artist, graphic designer, painter, stage designer, illustrator of books and magazines, creator of ex-librises, and a teacher, who trained a number of famous pupils, photographer, one of the earliest designers in Lithuania, even an architect, and probably the first Lithuanian cinema actor, exceptional press correspondent, collector, amateur pianist, ethnographer, and assistant to the Šiauliai “Aušra” museum.
G. Bagdonavičius created about 5000 works of art of various kinds. His works are preserved in 11 Lithuanian museums and private collections, with the largest number (3,800 works) being in the Šiauliai “Aušra” Museum. The employees of the “Aušra” Museum have been studying Bagdonavičius' artistic legacy for a decade. The result of this meticulous work is an album and a catalogue of the artist's works stored in Lithuanian museums in digital format. The album presents the facts about Bagdonavičius' biography, an overview of his work and a bibliography. The album is illustrated with the artist's most artistically and historically valuable works (295 illustrations), while the catalogue contains descriptions and reproductions of the works of art held in Lithuanian museums (4,421 exhibits) from the collections of the “Aušra” Museum. This publication is a sign of appreciation, memorialisation, respect and gratitude for the artist's work and a tribute to the great citizen of Šiauliai. The publication is sponsored by the Culture Support Fund of the Republic of Lithuania.


Augenija Jovaišaitė, Odeta Stripinienė, Virginija Šiukščienė



Šiaulių „Aušros" muziejus




English - Lithuanian






Digital Media - CD

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21.5 x 30 x 2.5 cm





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